At 7:06 PM on March 18, 2015, my life changed forever.

My Mom texted to tell me she’d just sent her first Tweet.

My Mom is no internet neophyte. She bought a hulking desktop computer for my brother and I in the early 1990s so we could learn how to type and learn computer programs because she knew they’d be a part of the jobs we’d have in the future. I have memories of dialing in to Prodigy and America Online in my younger years. But when it came to modern social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, she’d been reluctant to join, citing the information mining these networks do to keep their services free.

When I asked why she’d decided to join Twitter, she replied that she wanted to stay in the know as news breaks and evolves. Waiting for the 6 p.m. news wasn’t working for her anymore, especially on issues she cares about.

In the few days that have passed, my Mom has told me that she might need a 12-step program to reduce her Twitter usage. I’ve watched proudly as she doles out favorites and thanks reporters covering the stories she follows closely. While I may have joked about switching to Snapchat to avoid my Mom’s watchful eye on Twitter, I’m proud my Mom is experimenting with new technology and is finding it useful.

The only thing I’m a little bitter about? That she followed my fiancé before she followed me.