SPOILERS FOR RECENT Game of Thrones episodes follow.

In last week’s episode of “Game of Thrones,” assassin Arya Stark got herself stabbed by The Waif during a stroll through town. Despite the injuries inflicted to her gut, she manages to put up a fight, run, jump into the ocean, fake her own drowning, and survive. In this week’s episode, she is miraculously healed by Lady Crane with a few bandages and a holistic soup. This plot twist left the internet in disbelief that one could sustain such serious injuries and be cured instantly.

Much like the struggle to survive in Westeros, a monumental alliance was formed this week, when Microsoft conquered acquired LinkedIn for a whopping $26.2 billion in cash. The announcement came after a mutual agreement by both boards as Microsoft tries to broaden its productivity and business offerings. The social network for professionals has many warrior-like strengths, including 105 million active monthly users and more than 433 million accounts. LinkedIn is also The Mountain of social networks when it comes to search engine credibility, due to its massive amount of page views (43 billion quarterly) and 7 million active job listings.

However, the company has been struggling as of late. Its stock price fell 43 percent in one day back in February. Monthly active user growth has stagnated. LinkedIn has focused its business model on talent recruitment and premium subscriptions for job seekers. Its advertising is extremely expensive compared to Facebook advertising, which also allows advertisers to target users by job title and company. And LinkedIn’s Pulse network has not had the same success in becoming the news source that Facebook and Twitter have.

For LinkedIn to survive in this Game of Social Thrones, it is going to have to make some strategic moves to fix its flaws, and they can’t happen “in the dark.” Hopefully, an alliance with Microsoft will return LinkedIn to the enterprise networking throne.