‚ÄčThe cover story in the Globe yesterday was hard to miss – front and center a photo of a medical marijuana grower in New Mexico inspecting his crop. The article, by Jenn Abelson, took a deep dive into the cannabis industry in New Mexico, one of the 17 states whose ranks Massachusetts recently joined by legalizing medical marijuana. New Mexico has one of the country's strictest medical marijuana programs, and could serve as a model for Massachusetts as the Department of Public Health writes their rules, due out in May, regulating the substance. What stood out in Abelson's article is the special attention the owners of medical marijuana treatment centers pay to their image and messaging. One of the people the reporter talked to was especially careful to refer to the drug as medical cannabis, to refrain from calling it weed, and referred to his clients as patients, not potheads. Others are located in urban areas, and don't have signage outside, in an effort to make patients more comfortable coming in, and to avoid upsetting neighboring businesses. No doubt, as medical marijuana businesses open in Massachusetts, they will encounter the same public opinion hurdles as others have before them. In this burgeoning industry that is rife with misconceptions and strong opinions, presenting themselves the right way to patients, industry regulators, neighbors and physicians is especially important to potential business owners as they find their way. By Isabel Black, Account Executive at Solomon McCown & Company