On Wednesday morning, joined by City officials and hundreds of politically engaged business leaders, Mayor Walsh announced a proposal for a new string of parks along Fort Point Channel at the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce Government Affairs breakfast. With the recent contention surrounding publicly accessible space in Boston, specifically the Seaport, and concern over the impact of climate change on a City surrounded by water, this plan hits two birds with one stone.

According to The Boston Globe’s Tim Logan, “the spaces would be connected by pedestrian bridges, marshlands and artificial islands” in an article posted Wednesday morning. “These parks will protect not only Fort Point but also downtown, Chinatown, and South Boston from rising sea levels. They will foster new possibilities for growth from South Station to Widett Circle. They will be a new jewel in our park system, accessible by public transit in a Boston for everyone,” said Mayor Walsh.

As Mayor Walsh looks to make his stamp on the Seaport, the question remains in the details: how will the new parks integrate with the existing developments on the rise in the Seaport and will the new public spaces satisfy the needs to residents and advocates alike?

We look forward to seeing what Mayor Walsh and the City of Boston have in store for Boston’s hottest neighborhood rich with opportunity!