In the past, we’ve covered how your organization can maximize social media at an event you’re hosting. But what if you’re a guest at someone else’s conference? Social media is a great way to show that your organization plays a significant role in your community or industry to those in the room and those who are following along remotely.

Here are some tips to maximize your live tweeting efforts:

Find the hashtag: Conference or event organizers are getting better at notifying attendees of an event hashtag well before the event occurs—with some groups hosting chats or share information a few weeks before the actual event. (We love the work HIMSS does on social media.) If you don’t see a hashtag on the event’s promotional event, ask organizers if they have one. Encourage them to create a hashtag if they hadn’t developed one.

Research speakers and panelists: Again, socially savvy event organizers should have any relevant social media handles for those speaking or presenting at your event prominently displayed during the event. But it’s worth your while to research beforehand. Create a Twitter list with the handles of those who are speaking for easy reference. (And you’ll likely get their attention, as Twitter users are notified when they’re added to a public list.)

Quality over quantity: At very large conferences, the volume of tweets sent by users can be overwhelming. Some users try to share every single statistic or witticism they hear. Remember: People in the room can hear the presentation. Those who are following along on the hashtag are seeing the tweets detailing the presentation. Your job is to offer a different insight in order to add to the conversation.

Does your organization have a blog post or video about the topic at hand? Have the link ready to share. Does your organization take a different point of view from the speaker? Respectfully disagree. Don’t hesitate to make an (appropriate) joke as well. Get noticed and maybe your organization will be giving its own presentation next time around.