When was the last time you actually stepped inside the local branch of your bank, rather than looked at your phone to make a transaction? A recent report by First Data called The Unbanked Generation, found that 94 percent of consumers under the age of 35 bank online, causing drastic reduction in in actual foot traffic at branches.

In an age where “millennial” has become virtually synonymous with the word digital, anything that can be done by finger click rather than footstep is usually the preferred method. In banking, this has had a tremendous impact on the industry, once known for the teller-consumer face-to-face experience.

Here are a few ways that banks are communicating with customers to get them through the doors more often…

  • Hosting events: What gets people out of the house faster than free food or a fun event? One local bank has hosted popular community events, such as free ice cream during the summer at one branch and Halloween activities at another to stay engaged with the community.


  • On-demand atmosphere: Nobody goes through life without losing at least one bank card, but the worst part is having to wait for a new one to be delivered in the mail. Having a branch nearby that offers temporary cards on-demand provides great convenience, and has become more common now that cybersecurity is an issue.


  • Efficiency: Banks strive to make the experience seamless, so that actually going to the bank is enjoyable. Most customers prefer in-person help for specific transactions, such as opening and closing accounts, or taking out loans. It’s important bank personnel capitalize on these moments to make sure transactions occur as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Mobile finance may be the banking of today, but that doesn’t mean consumers will give up the satisfaction of having in-person interactions with their bank-of-choice altogether. It’s up to banks to remind consumers why the experience is worth it.