Usually at this time of year I am lucky enough to be off in some new place, eating different food and experiencing what tends to be a slower pace of life. The days are long, filled with lots of fresh air, which is a good excuse to sip wine before 5PM and refresh the spirit by learning about different places and people.

Though I am certainly not complaining about a beautiful July in Boston. Anyone who Googles “best place to visit in the summer” knows the universal answer is New England. It is validated this year by what appears to be more tourists than ever visiting Boston. Events such as Sail Boston, Boston Pops 4th of July Celebration, the recent opening of Trillium Beer Garden and the Zipline on the Greenway have attracted visitors both young and old. And, we are so lucky to have it all a short walk or car ride away.

As a transplanted New Yorker, I am still giddy at the prospect of each marker of summer in New England – Memorial Day – “Will Nantucket be too cold”; the Summer Solstice – “How early can I leave work and how late can I stay up”; and July 4th – “Can I get myself to endure the crowds on the Esplanade – still no place better to be”. And now that all that has passed, are we looking forward to the start of summer, or the last days of summer?

I choose the start. At Solomon McCown & Company, July 4th marks just the beginning of our beloved summer Fridays, lunch breaks on the Harbor Walk, visits to see the seals across the street at the New England Aquarium and mid-afternoon ice cream treats from the Cookie Monstah truck. Plus, we still have our summer outing to look forward to; a golden hour cruise through Boston Harbor. At SM& we know how to enjoy the beauty of summer without compromising the quality of our work.

Not to mention, after work don’t we all look forward to: Fresh Tomatoes. Local Corn. Al fresco Dining. Rosé. Sunflowers. Summer fruit. Beautiful pink sunsets. And so much more.

So here’s to the start of summer! A great season at Solomon McCown & Company.