Meghan Murdock

When I started in July, I couldn’t tell you what a pitch, a clipbook, or an editorial calendar were with absolute certainty. I heard about pitching frequently, but I didn’t know how to pitch a journalist. Is it via an email, a phone call, or an in-person presentation? Now, words like clipbook and editorial calendar have joined my everyday vocabulary, and I not only understand pitches are usually sent via email, but I’ve even written and sent pitches to the media.

All that I’ve been able to learn and take in during my time here is ultimately thanks to everyone who took the time to show me the ropes, answer my questions and challenge me to learn from my mistakes. I’m grateful for the working relationships I’ve formed during my internship and that everyone at Solomon McCown welcomed co-ops wholeheartedly as members of the agency. Thanks, SM& for an incredible six months in public relations!

Alex Nickel-Milstone

It’s difficult to sum up everything I have learned in my time as a co-op at Solomon McCown & Company. This has been the greatest experience and I have been fortunate enough to see how a public relations firm works day-to-day and all that goes into the projects they do for clients. I was lucky to have such a hands-on experience, where I was able to pitch stories to media, find and evaluate editorial calendars, write press releases and op-eds, secure media placements, write for clients with different audiences and much more.

Most importantly, my experience at Solomon McCown has helped me grow as a writer, a communicator, and an individual. Thank you to everyone at SM& for an amazing 6 months and a perfect last co-op experience!

Ben Siegel

In PR, as in all walks of life, the written word is used differently depending on the situation. Press releases, bylines, op-eds, pitches and reports all require different styles of writing. My time at Solomon McCown taught me how to fully utilize different approaches to the written word. I have written detail-oriented press releases, attention-grabbing social media posts, and business-like pitches to journalists and blogs filled with self-expression. The peer review my writing received was exceptional. My bosses and colleagues did so much more than simply edit and revise my writing. They took the time to go over the writing with me and discuss the changes they wanted to make. By keeping me involved throughout the process, the team allowed me to see how professionals handle their writing and editing duties. Had they just took my rough drafts, edited them, and “published” them, I would not have learned from them, nor would I have learned from my mistakes. They taught me how to be a better coworker, a better manager, a better friend.

So to everyone here at Solomon McCown, thank you for the last six months. Thank you for helping me grow as a writer. And thank you for helping me grow as a person.

Jessica Iocca

One of the greatest highlights of my co-op was being able to support the agency’s 22nd SM& Presents Panel. Held in October, The Changing Face of Philanthropy: The Challenge of Engaging the Next Generation of Donors was one of the largest projects I worked on at SM&. This was a particularly fun learning experience for me because not only was I able to see a major agency event develop from start to finish, it was also on a topic that I am deeply passionate about.

SM& has taught me some powerful lessons that I will carry with me into my future endeavors: don’t skimp out on the minor details; have a plan but be flexible in your planning; ask questions for better results; and, most importantly, be creative and have fun! Thanks SM& for these last six months!