It happens to the best of public relations professionals. You feel like you’ve been staring at the same blank Word file for weeks. Your social media content feels staler than week-old bread. And there’s no relief in sight.

The diagnosis? Writer’s block.

We all work hard for our clients. Sometimes, the best thing we can do for them is to take a step back and regroup. Here are some strategies for when you feel you’ve lost the magic touch:

Read something new: No, not a new trade publication relevant to your clients. Read a novel. A biography of a historical figure you admire. One of those New Yorkers kicking around your house with a long-form piece you’ve always meant to finish. Give your brain something fresh to ruminate on and you may find the solution to your troubles.

Talk it out: It’s important to vent. Invite a coworker out for coffee. Grab dinner with friends and give them a summary of how you’re feeling. They may have a new perspective you hadn’t considered.

Time to network: Is there a conference or event coming into town that is relevant to your PR practice? Set your out of office and attend for the full day. Talk shop with people you don’t know during breaks instead of checking Twitter. It may rekindle the magic.

Treat yourself: Take some time for yourself. Try a new workout class. Get a massage. You may be surprised when a good idea strikes.

Shake it up: Offer to draft something for a client you don’t regularly work on. Have a coworker brainstorm a new strategy with you. Routines can quickly evolve into ruts. Don’t get stuck in one.