With the SuperBowl fast approaching (sadly minus the Patriots) and all of the hot advertisements leaking, there is little doubt that the engagement on social media is changing the game. What used to be an event that lasted only a few hours, now has fans  talking about the SuperBowl for over a week as businesses have been making efforts to connect with their consumers.

Among the strategies companies are using to promote their brand pre-SuperBowl are teasers, contests, releases of extended cuts, and even allowing their audience to choose which ad they will use during the event or which ending will air. It is truly remarkable how much of an impact consumers can now have on advertisements for their favorite brand.

On top of the advertising, fans will be tweeting and sharing their reactions and impressions before, during, and after the game. How can your brand win on social media during the game? Here’s our advice:

1. Create a plan.

Like crises on social media, it is always imperative to have a plan in place before a live and highly televised and promoted event. Who will be monitoring the social media conversation for where you can input your brand? Who will be responsible for promoting your brand on social throughout the game? These are questions that you want answered long before SuperBowl Sunday.

2. Carefully craft each character of your social media post.

While timing is everything on social media, it is also important that you avoid a social media crisis and optimally promote your brand by responding to the existing conversation that is happening on social. Oreo’s tweet at the SuperBowl Blackout last year will never be forgotten and they portrayed expert marketing skills. But had they had a typo or didn’t size their picture correctly, it would have failed and the effect would have been lost.

3. Be a person, not a machine.

The SuperBowl is an exciting event, but no one wants to interact with a robotic machine throughout the game. They want real, engaging interaction that they can relate to. This is a great opportunity to humanize your brand and connect with your consumers. Arby’s recently conveyed this well at the Grammy’s, where their timing was perfect, they used humor to appeal to their audience, and it was very clearly created and sent by a real person.

Check out this cool infographic from MediaBistro that breaks down the social side of the SuperBowl and get tweeting!