In honor of #GivingTuesday, here is one way you can give back. As winter weather is now here, it is just as important for shelter dogs to keep warm as it is for humans. Unfortunately, most shelters don’t have enough blankets to keep animals warm.

Realizing the problem at hand, a Vancouver-based shelter took to social media to help with their needs. The hashtag #blanketsforshelters was created to encourage people to donate any extra blankets or towels they had laying around their homes to local shelters. The response the shelter got from using that one hashtag was astounding. Within two weeks, the shelter received more than 1,200 blankets.

Other shelters will also benefit as extra blankets from Vancouver are beginning to be shipped to other shelters all across North America.

This just goes to show how amazing the wonderful world of social media is, and how just one hashtag can spread the word and help great causes. Don’t forget to get the word out by using the #blanketsforshelters with a picture of your pet posing with your donation! You can also visit their GoFundMe.

Here are some other things you can donate to a shelter near you:
New or used supplies
Paper towels
Canned or bagged food
Your time