Boston and much of the rest of Massachusetts has been in the midst of an affordable housing shortage that shows few signs of abating. Federal funds for building affordable housing in the state were sliced in half in 2013, and two years later in 2015, the Boston Housing Authority (BHA) has a wait list of 38,000 applicants for just 15,000 subsidized units, many of which are not high quality.

No one can deny that there is currently an affordable housing crisis in Boston. Inquilinos Boricuas En Acción (IBA) has been supporting and developing affordable housing in Boston’s neighborhoods for nearly 50 years. IBA’s CEO Vanessa Calderón-Rosado sat down with Comcast Newsmaker’s Jenny Johnson to discuss the work IBA does and the families they serve.

Watch and listen here to see what Vanessa had to say about how she is leading the charge in ensuring that IBA’s residents have high-quality housing and a community in which to thrive.