Throughout 2014, we’ve been working with long-standing agency client Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates on a campaign to highlight the medical group’s commitment to providing their patients with high-quality care. The patient story campaign, which aligns with the tagline from their 2014 advertising campaign—“Better care for a better life”—showcases how the high-quality care Harvard Vanguard delivers enables their patients to live a better life.

The project combines written patient testimonials, video and photos to illustrate the journeys of various Harvard Vanguard patients. Our goal has been to create compelling content that engages the audience and is easily shareable.

As we geared up for the project, Harvard Vanguard put out a call to their physicians asking for patients who might be willing to share their stories. We were amazed by the response. Over the course of the last few months, we’ve interviewed and filmed a handful of patients who have been gracious enough to share their stories.

We’ve met Paula and Chris, a couple who struggled to get pregnant again after they had their first son. They turned to Dr. Christine Skiadas, a reproductive specialist with the Fertility and Reproductive Health Department, to explore their options.

We’ve met Erick, an 18-year-old Harvard Vanguard patient, who has lost more than 100 pounds with the help of his primary care physician Dr. Daniel Slater and the support of his family.

We’ve met Laura, a diabetes patient, and Rosey, a pain management patient who found support through Harvard Vanguard’s Functional Restoration Program.

It’s not every day that people voluntarily talk about their health problems, so to find patients who are willing to do so is truly a testament to the high-quality care delivered at Harvard Vanguard.

Be sure to follow the Harvard Vanguard blog and their website for new patient stories. There are certainly more to come!