Google+ is the second largest social network with 540 million monthly active users and active communities. How can your organization best utilize Google+? Solomon McCown Director of Digital Communications Michelle Mastrobattista shares tips on how to get started in Google+ Communities in our latest SM& video.

Google+ Communities from Solomon McCown & Company on Vimeo.

Some key takeaways?

  • Communities are different from Google+ pages in that they can be private or public and serve as a message board for people to come together around different topics.
  • Posts will not show up in the feeds of your followers unless they are also a member of that community.
  • You can add categories within a community to organize discussions around subtopics
  • Other group members can be made moderators which can help you respond to new comments and control the quality of discussion within the community.
  • Communities can provide an opportunity to listen to conversations as people engage, which can help you provide a better product or service.