Social media lies at the core of almost all our communications in today’s tech-friendly society, especially for businesses. It has paved the way for increased transparency by establishing a two-way stream of communication between organizations and their key audiences. 

As more and more users join the conversation and new platforms continue to arise, it is vital for businesses to have a social media plan and presence in place. But social media plans are not one-size-fits-all; companies must tailor their social media strategy to accommodate their unique business goals and target demographics.  

Fast Company published an article noting some remarkable statistics that will make businesses rethink the way they interact and market themselves on social media. I’ve listed a few of those statistics here along with best practices. 

1.    The fastest growing demographic on Twitter is the 55 – 64 year age bracket.  
If this is your company’s target demographic, you should be mindful to post content that appeals to members of this age group, rather than just younger demographics.

2.    YouTube reaches more U.S. adults aged 18–34 than any cable network.
Now is the time to add video to your social media strategy and utilize YouTube’s wide user base. 

3.    Every second two new members join LinkedIn.  
Companies can make use of LinkedIn’s growing user base by catering to new users and providing a wealth of information on their company pages.

4.    189 million of Facebook’s Users are “Mobile Only”
With this in mind, you must consider how your organization’s website and content displays on mobile devices.

5.    LinkedIn has a lower percentage of active users than Pinterest, Google+, Twitter and Facebook. 
Determine how you would like to actively and passively engage with your audience and utilize the appropriate social media platform.  For example, a blog post may be better suited for LinkedIn’s passive user base, while it may be more effective to reach Twitter and Facebook’s active user base through a survey.