(Please see Yoda London’s infographic above to learn more about digital marketing.) 

With a new year upon us, it is an important time for us to look at where the future of digital marketing is headed. In our technology-driven society, you can expect an influx of new marketing and advertising initiatives making their way into the digital realm. 
A recent study conducted by  Yoda London found that eighty-seven percent of marketers currently distribute their content via social media channels. As a result, we experienced a 15% increase in social media marketing in 2013. Consequently, the Return On Investment (ROI) of content marketing has increased 300% over the past three years. 
Marketers will continue to discover innovative ways to make digital marketing more effective.  Social Media Today made some interesting predictions on what we can expect to see in 2014. 

1. The Move to Mobile: Companies will focus more of their efforts on developing mobile apps and making their websites user-friendly for smartphones and tablets. Companies are also expected to increase their spending on mobile advertisements.

2.  More Accurate Retargeting: Marketers are predicting an upsurge in retargeting efforts on mobile devices through the use of device matching and identification tools, like cookies, that track what sites users visit online.  This information is then used to deliver relevant content to users based on their interests.

3.  The Rise of Paid Social Advertisements: Due to the large success companies have seen over the past year as a result of paid social ads, marketers expect this trend to increase for companies in 2014 by enhancing user engagement and utilizing sophisticated targeting social media tools.

4.   Increased Visual Content: Studies have found visual content to have a retention rate of 65% among users as opposed to text-based content’s meager 10%. Therefore, we are expected to see an inflow of visual media advertisements in the coming year.

5.    More Accurate Assessments: We are expected to see the development of more sophisticated analytics tools in 2014 that will allow marketers to identify which tactics are successful and where their efforts fall short.