With all of the Facebook news and changes this week it is clear that it is not the dying social network. Between News Feed algorithm changes, (yes, again), and the launch of Facebook Paper, it’s hard to keep up with the largest social network.

However, amidst all of the digital news, two Facebook announcements caught my interest this week:

  1. Facebook added approximately 50 new gender identity terms. There has been a lot of LGBTQ controversial news the past few weeks due to events happening at the Olympics in Sochi, but Facebook takes the cake in recognizing and accepting differences in gender identity. It surprises me that in today’s society selecting something as simple as gender identity for one’s social network is so complicated. Facebook is truly paving the way towards global acceptance by making one small change to its platform. Hopefully in the near future other social networks will follow suit.
  2. Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, published a marketing guide for brands. It is a “how-to” guide on sharing and creating compelling and engaging content. Though it is a great guide on how to create content, I find that Instagram may have missed the point: there is no exact equation to success on social media. While the tips are certainly helpful, it is important for brands to develop their own creative plan. No two brands will succeed on social media in the same way as the other. My two cents: of course Instagram has the best advice on how to succeed on its own social platform, but don’t let that stray you away from your own creativity and innovation. Uniqueness is what will set your brand apart on social media.