What would happen if you were cut off from social media?

We found out the answer to this question last Thursday around 3:15 pm when Facebook became inaccessible for 20 minutes. When users tried to access Facebook, they came face-to-face with a devastating message, reading “Something went wrong.” For what seems like a very short amount of time, the consequences were significant.

Twenty minutes was all it took for Facebook users to lose patience in the website and complain through other platforms, such as Twitter. News websites reported a traffic drop of around 3 percent. Usually, mishaps in the Facebook website only last several minutes. The 20 minute shutdown has been deemed the longest service outage in recent Facebook history, according to The Guardian.  The last major Facebook shutdown was in 2010 when the site was unresponsive for 2.5 hours. Based off of income multiplied by the length of time Facebook was unavailable for, the largest social network lost $300,000 in revenue.

If that’s how much money had been lost in a mere 20 minutes, we can only imagine how much money could be lost in an hour or even a day. The value of social media is so high these days that even a short-lived website malfunction can cost companies a fortune. Because we are a society with an increasing interest in social media, the monetary value placed on channels will only increase in the future.

After Facebook was back up and running, a formal statement was issued explaining that the issue was resolved quickly and they were sorry for any inconvenience it may have caused users. Facebook did not state what the issue was that caused the shutdown, but it impacted sites and apps all around the world.

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