The world’s largest social network recently announced that it is tweaking the algorithm that decides what users see in their News Feed when logging in.

Forbes sums it up in its headline: Facebook Changes News Feed Algorithm To Prioritize Content From Friends Over Pages:

The […] update ensures that the content that is posted by the friends that you care about — which includes photos, videos, links and status updates — will be higher in the News Feed so that you are less likely to miss it. 

Social media managers will not be surprised to hear that Facebook is again tilting the balance away from brand pages. But before page managers throw up their hands and decide to give up on organic reach on the network, there are some things to keep in mind.

If you have a strong community, you’ll be fine. From the same Forbes article: “If you enjoy interacting with Facebook Pages that you have ‘liked,’ then you will still see that content.” In short: If page managers have developed a strong community by sharing information and content that is useful to your audience, Facebook will still show it to your audience.

Keep your goals in mind. This should be at the forefront at your social media strategy at all times. Why is your brand on Facebook? Are you there to build brand awareness, or are you driving sales or leads? Think about how organic content plays a part in meeting your goals.

Facebook ads are valuable: Once you have your goals in mind, it’s helpful to support your work with even a small ad budget to give your brand a leg up on the competition in the newsfeed.

With more than 1,500 items that could appear in a user’s newsfeed when he or she logs in, it’s critical that Facebook find the right balance to keep users engaged. As with all social media channels, brands that have a fully-formed strategy and creative content will continue to thrive no matter how often Facebook changes its formula.