Photos are a key component to post-event pitching, better click-through rates on social media or websites, and more interesting content. Having good photos to accompany content is crucial.

Below are some things we keep in mind when taking photos for clients, or when encouraging them to take their own photos:

1.    Captions

Getting the right captions for photos is perhaps one of the most overlooked, but most important aspects of successfully placing a photo. A good caption should include: the names of the people in the photo, their hometowns or business affiliations and background on the event. At least one of these components is crucial when pitching a photo, and the more the better.

2.    Group shots and action shots

It can be easy to get into a routine of taking the same photo over and over again: the CEO standing with various smiling attendees. That’s not an unimportant shot, but equally crucial are the photos that show people interacting, having fun at your event. This is where a shot list comes in handy…

3.    Shot list

At event time, it can be chaotic and easy to take the shots you think you need…only to find out you missed that key photo of your CEO with a board member or big donor. Create a shot list ahead of time to ensure that you don’t forget to get photos of key VIPs or moments throughout the event.

4.    Good quality

This may seem obvious, but is often overlooked. Make sure to take multiple frames of the same shot, edit photos when possible, try not to use the flash and make sure to use a stabilizer to avoid those blurry crowd shots.