With Father’s Day coming up this weekend, you’ve probably come across Dove’s #RealDadMoments campaign at least once by now. With this campaign (the video specifically), Dove uses Father’s Day as a way to make consumers feel good – and garner some excellent exposure for its brand.  From a PR perspective, here’s why it’s a brilliant campaign:

·         It engages its key stakeholders – It makes people look twice, think twice, and join in.

It has started some great conversation on Twitter. The hashtag (#RealDadMoments) is the perfect length and it’s easy to remember, without being cliché or too predictable.  If you search it on Twitter, you’ll see people are using it every few minutes… sharing stories about their own fathers or husbands, statistics, and support for the campaign and holiday. With this hashtag, thousands of people are talking about Dove’s brand consistently, whether directly or inadvertently.

·        It makes people feel good – And they associate this good feeling with Dove. As TIME puts it, the campaign makes you want to call your dad right now.

Dove is already known as a feel-good brand, established by its Real Beauty Campaign, which teaches women to accept who they are with confidence. Therefore, this Father’s Day campaign builds and solidifies a brand that is already fun-loving, upbeat, and human. The #RealDadMoments campaign comes naturally to a company like Dove, and encourages people to continue associating Dove with feeling great about yourself and the people you love.

·        It broadens the brand without changing it – After its successful Real Beauty Campaign, Dove is known for being female-centric.  However, this campaign shows it appreciates men too.  Most people don’t even know that Dove has a male-focused brand (Men+Care), but this campaign makes people feel good while also getting some really solid publicity for its little-known men’s line.

Many holidays present PR opportunities… but sometimes when companies try to use a holiday to engage with consumers, it’s simply forced and does little to build its brand.  Therefore, it has to be done right. 

Dove is a good example – it uses Father’s Day in a tasteful way that highlights the importance of family (specifically dads!) while simultaneously engaging consumers and solidifying its strong brand. From a PR perspective, a job well done, Dove!