October is a great month to visit Boston. The leaves are changing, the Red Sox are in the playoffs and the crisp cool air welcomes out-of-towners to autumn in New England. Unfortunately for ULI attendees, the Seaport has no trees, the Red Sox will be in Oakland/the Bronx for Game 3 (and possibly 4) and the forecast calls for temperatures of 75-80 in Boston this week.

But fear not! Boston is also a great place to visit in late summer, which is what ULI Week will feel like. We have an amazing Harborwalk that stretches from the Seaport all the way to Lovejoy Wharf, many wonderfully dangerous amphibian vehicles in which to race across the Harbor or navigate the Charles, and – finally – we now boast plenty of fun places where ULI attendees can enjoy a tasty beverage outside.

So if you’re looking to briefly slip the surly bonds of the BCEC and skip a session or two of ULI, here’s a quick clickbait listicle on where to escape the October heat and tip back a refreshing pint:

1) Lookout Rooftop & Bar, Envoy Hotel, Seaport

This Seaport darling overlooks the Boston skyline and the Harbor. The beer options leave a LOT to be desired (Fun Fact: the water in the Charles River tastes better than a Blue Moon), but the cocktails and views almost make up for it, plus it’s super close to the BCEC. It’s open to the public, but it never hurts to tell them you’re staying in Room 1313 and all drinks should be charged to the room tab.

2) Reel House, East Boston

Once you’ve experienced the view from atop the Envoy, you’ll want to take a water taxi across the Harbor to East Boston and check out Reel House. The burgeoning East Boston waterfront offers a different (some would say much better) view of the city, lending itself to amazing Instagram posts, especially in the early evening. Reel House will even shuttle you to its sister restaurant at Pier 6 in Charlestown. When you’re done at Pier 6, board the U.S.S. Constitution and order the Navy to ferry you back to the Seaport. Then please report back in the comments and let us know what happened.

3) City Tap, Fort Point

Chains are the worst, especially chains that don’t sell coffee or donuts or donut fries, and most especially chains that don’t sell coffee or donuts or donut fries and aren’t even from Boston. Having said that, City Tap has two things going for it: 1) a huge beer list (which unfortunately does not appear to be available online), and 2) an outstanding patio, complete with firepits. It also happens to be within easy walking distance of the BCEC, requiring neither ferries nor commandeering a U.S. Navy vessel. (They also win points for their upcoming Pumpkin Smash event, which I hope and assume is a patriotic effort to smash every barrel of Pumpkin beer before it can be consumed by humans.)

4) Samuel Adams Tap Room, Jamaica Plain

At some point during your four days in town, it’s worth a quick Lyft or Uber or bike ride to the new Sam Adams Tap Room at the Boston Beer Company’s hometown brewery in JP. The home of the craft beer movement, Sam Adams is well worth a trip off the beaten path, and its hours (10:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.) and outdoor patio position it perfectly for a mid-ULI hangout on a beautiful Summertober day.

5) Trillium, Greenway/Fort Point

It’s basically impossible to put this kind of list together and not include Trillium, given the success of the company’s Greenway Beer Garden (right across from our office – come and visit after a few pints!) and the delicious IPAs and sours they have been cranking out this summer. HOWEVER, the Beer Garden is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, giving ULI attendees a limited window in which to enjoy these brews during the conference. So I present a solution for early in the week: stop by the Trillium retail shop in Fort Point (close to the BCEC) and grab a couple of four packs to go.

After that, the entire city can be a beer garden.

Enjoy Boston responsibly!