2018 was dubbed the “Year of the Woman” even before the beginning of the Time’s Up movement, the groundbreaking testimony of Dr. Blasey-Ford, and the record number of women elected to Congress in the midterm election. As a result, inspired companies across the country are attempting to harness this female-driven energy with creative ideas geared towards empowering and connecting women online and in the workplace.

No organization has captured this dynamic more effectively than The Wing. Founded in 2015, The Wing has become a pioneer of the new feminist landscape by resurfacing a vintage concept: the women’s club.

According to The Wing“the women’s club movement was formed in the 19th and early 20th century by pioneering women who provided each other with encouraging community at a time when they needed it most.” This concept has been updated for the 21st century by providing members with a chic clubhouse that doubles as a co-working space, exclusive events, and a long list of members-only perks. But the mission of the original women’s clubs remain the same: the professional, civic, social, and economic advancement of women through community.

This week, The Wing announced they would be opening a chapter in Boston with an imaginative scavenger hunt throughout the city that three SM& employees were lucky enough to win. The hunt was an exciting case study on how an interactive event (both on the ground and on social media) can build buzz and generate press. Below are some of our takeaways from The Wing’s Boston launch:

  • Capitalize on your followers

Using compelling posts catered to their target audience, The Wing built a steady stream of social media engagement throughout the day. First announcing the launch of the Boston location and linking to membership applications, and then announcing the city-wide scavenger hunt for golden tickets that could be turned in for various prizes. Throughout the day, The Wing engaged with, retweeted and re-posted fans as they completed the scavenger hunt, building a nationwide audience of followers who became invested in the competition.

  • Message your event

The Wing’s scavenger hunt concept was a unique blend of the organization’s mission and the audience they serve. A society for professionals founded on the ideals of trailblazing women, The Wing made sure each clue led you to a book written or inspired by one of the “lit women of Boston who led the way” located in one of three independent bookstores throughout the city. (By the way, these ‘lit women’ were Phillis WheatleySyliva Plath, Louisa May Alcott,Lucy Stone, Josephine St.Pierre Ruffin and Lois Lowry – we encourage you to look them up.)

  • Reward your audience for their engagement

The Wing coaxed women out of their homes and offices and into the streets by enticing them with a desirable prize. Touted as either a year’s membership or a swag bag, they provided incentive for The Wing’s Boston-based fans to get moving and fast. The Wing even engaged with those who didn’t find a ticket by responding to posts and retweeting their content.

Ultimately, our big takeaway is that a well-planned and well-timed announcement can result in significant social and traditional media attention. The Wing also secured hits in outlets such as Boston.comWBURBostInnoBoston Business Journal and Curbed Boston.

We look forward to welcoming this women-focused organization to Boston and seeing how they utilize their presence to advance the women of the City and the surrounding communities.

Moments after finding the ticket at Barbara’s Bestsellers in South Station

We found our golden ticket inside the book LucyStone – An Unapologetic Life by Sally G. McMillen