As a college student in the Fenway area, I have been eagerly awaiting #CityTargetBoston’s grand opening. Convenient access to $24.99 sandals, colorful throw pillows and kitchen appliances I never knew I needed – what more could I want? After attending CityTarget’s grand opening this past weekend, I realized that there is a marketing takeaway from the store’s introduction into the Boston community.

It has been noted that CityTarget is designed to appeal to the urban consumer. This means crafting a store design and inventory that reflects the city life. CityTarget customers can expect to shop for easy-to-carry packages of household items – like paper towels – and apartment-friendly furnishings (no oversized patio sets over here!) while overlooking some of the great views Boston has to offer.

But what else has CityTarget done to reel in Bostonians? It’s targeted our fierce pride in our city.  Boston has a history of ‘firsts’ – the first public park, the first public elementary school, and the first established police department. What’s more, this particular Target is the first of its kind on the East Coast – a fact that marketers leveraged in their advertising of the store. In a Pandora Radio ad for the retailer, Target references Boston’s rich history and expresses the store’s pride for being welcomed into the city. As a consumer, I like when a retailer tries to connect with its audience beyond offering discounts. This ad demonstrates to me that CityTarget acknowledges that Boston is a unique place and that it is an honor to be a part of this community. I also appreciate that the ad doesn’t take-on a fake Boston accent or reinforce stereotypes about Boston neighborhoods. It highlights one of the city’s strengths without seeming inauthentic. Another sure-fire way to attract Bostonians? Tapping into pride about its sports teams.  CityTarget features an entire section of Boston sports paraphernalia on its second floor, offering residents more opportunities to show off their Boston pride.


So far there has been much excitement surrounding CityTarget’s grand opening, with customers tweeting pictures and snippets about their experiences at the store. It seems like the store is on the right track to becoming a staple in the Fenway neighborhood – I know I plan to return!