Iconic. Legendary. Revered. These are adjectives that are being used and deservedly so to describe Chet Curtis, the former anchor of WCVB Channel 5 and of NECN. News of his death hits hard to those of us who knew him and had the privilege of working with him.  (I am a proud WCVB alum.) 

In addition to being a consummate professional who was the steady voice during the best and worst of times, from every marathon that he and his co-anchor and eventually his wife Natalie anchored, to the Blizzard of ’78, the visit of the Pope and on and on. You name it.  We counted on him. We looked to him for reassurance. We believed what he told us because we trusted him.

It’s hard to remember in an age of skepticism and 24/7 communication where everyone is a reporter that there was a time when the local news anchor stood above the rest. It was a different time in local television news stations —particularly WCVB–set the standard for stations around the country. Chet was the face and voice of that. In addition to all he accomplished professionally, it is also worth remembering that he was truly one of the nicest guys in a business known more for ego than humility.