After more than a month of snowstorms, MBTA shutdowns, and treacherous road conditions, local restaurants in Boston are reeling from a lack of business. Many restaurants had to close due to the snow, losing revenue for those days. Even when businesses were open, many Bostonians couldn’t make their way there given closures on the T, parking bans, and multiple feet of snow on the ground.

Trying to minimize this effect of these losses, restaurants and bars across the city are banding together to offer deals and specials under the hashtag #DigOutDineOut.

The #DigOutDineOut campaign was started by executive chef and partner at Big Night Entertainment Kevin Long to inspire fellow restaurants to offer fun and unique deals during some of Boston’s coldest days. Long is well-versed in the restaurant industry as Big Night Entertainment owns some of the hottest social spots in the city: Red Lantern, Empire and GEM. He recognized the severe economic consequences that restaurants and entertainment spots throughout the city were facing, and decided to act.

As we near the end of this historic winter, businesses are trying to thaw out and make up for lost time and lost revenue. This promotion will not only help restaurant owners but also the servers who rely on tips to pay the bills.

The #DigOutDineOut campaign’s effort to help local businesses stay afloat this winter is part of a larger movement throughout the region. Boston Mayor Marty Walsh announced Boston Bingo to support snow-stricken local businesses of all kinds. The game encourages Boston residents to “enjoy a cup of coffee at your neighborhood café” or “grab a burger.” In the long run, participants had an opportunity to win prizes such as Bruins tickets, date nights, or coffee with the Mayor himself. Whether these campaigns are seen as successful or not, one thing is clear: Boston residents come together in times of need.

To find out which restaurants are still participating check out the hashtag on twitter by searching #DigOutDineOut or checking the movement’s twitter handle @DigOutDineOut. To download a Boston Bingo card, click here.

Post by Anastasia Scourtes and Molly Munroe.