Pinterest’s decision to begin incorporating a “buy button” into its feed got me thinking about how companies are constantly adapting to fit their target audiences’ needs. In such a competitive world, brands are consistently finding ways to appeal to consumer demand for the most up-to-date products.

Pinterest has made a name for itself as a creative platform on which users share passions with each other. Its new buy button will provide users with a way to bring these ideas to life. Until the launch of this new feature, pinners would have to leave the site in order to purchase an item he or she found on the social network. Now users can buy items they love with just the click of a button.

Kate Spade also recently recognized an opportunity to appeal to its clientele in a new and innovative way. The high-end fashion company recently partnered with startup company Everpurse to sell an iPhone charging purse. This partnership is an incredibly smart move for Kate Spade, as Everpurse’s slogan (“A purse as pretty and powerful as you”) appeals directly to Kate Spade’s major target audience – millennials. As a millennial myself, I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these bags and try it out. I’m confident that giving customers a way to maintain a fashionable look while providing them with the convenience of an always-charged iPhone will be a huge hit when the line is released in Fall 2015.

Both Kate Spade and Pinterest are examples of companies that saw an opportunity to innovate and took it. Brands that recognize the opportunities to make their customers’ lives easier do not go unrewarded.