‚ÄčIn early April, we announced our 19th SM& Presents Panel, an energetic discussion with some of the region's leading journalists that will examine the plans, policies and personalities that will shape Boston-post-Menino. The tragic and senseless bombings on Marathon Monday certainly change the lens through which we view Boston and its future. What has not changed, however, is how strong, determined and resilient this city and its people are. We have all witnessed, read and shared stories about the hundreds of acts of bravery and kindness shown by our citizens, visitors from around the world, and first responders. We will come through this stronger than ever. As we try to make sense of this evil act, we think about conversations we started last week with some leading Bostonians in the context of the city after Mayor Menino retires. We asked what three words they would use to describe the future of the city. We now want to ask you the same. What are YOUR three words to capture the future of our city? Tweet your three words using #Boston3Words. Please share your thoughts with us. Here are my three: Stronger Than Ever Click here to watch the video. By Ashley McCown, President of Solomon McCown