You know nothing about real estate, Jon Snow

Game of Thrones fans around the world have been tuning in to the epic fantasy saga’s final season. In honor of the GOT finale, the SM& real estate team is exploring Boston’s market slightly differently this week – through the lens of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros. We’ve put together a brief neighborhood guide to five popular Greater Boston areas and their Westerosi counterparts:

Winterfell is… Somerville

Somerville is Boston’s own Kingdom in the North. The ‘Ville’s small community charm and ample green space nearby would make the ideal homestead for Stark bannermen. While Winterfell’s miles of trails in the dense wolfswood forest are unmatched in the Seven Kingdoms, Somerville’s numerous parks and proximity to the 2,200+ acre Middlesex Fells Reservation is a huge perk for outdoor enthusiasts. The locals never go thirsty, as the ubiquitous breweries always have plenty of hearty ale on tap.

Oldtown is… Cambridge

Cambridge perfectly reflects the intellectual prestige of Oldtown, the preeminent hub of scholarship and education in the Seven Kingdoms. Oldtown sits on the mouth of the River Honeywine and opens to the Sunset Sea, while Cambridge overlooks the Charles River across from Boston. Both cities are rich with history; founded in 1631 and home to Harvard University, the first college founded in the U.S., Cambridge is literally an “old town.”

King’s Landing is… Back Bay

Perhaps Cersei Lannister would find a Victorian Brownstone on Beacon Street or a luxury penthouse in the highly sought-after Back Bay neighborhood suitable to her royal tastes.   Back Bay’s countless restaurants and storefronts along Newbury Street are reminiscent of the artisan shops that fill the bustling alleyways of King’s Landing. Views of Blackwater Bay and the Charles River ensure that both King’s Landing and Back Bay offer unparalleled aesthetics for year-round picturesque moments.

The Iron Islands are… East Boston

The Iron Born would surely find Eastie a suitable place to dock the Iron Fleet. From sailing in Boston Harbor to exploring the Belle Isle Marsh Reservation, there’s plenty to do in the up-and-coming neighborhood. Minutes to the airport and easily accessible to downtown via the Blue Line, East Boston real estate has been booming—confirming that what is dead may never die.

Dorne is… The Seaport District

Dorne offers food, wine, and a good time—Boston’s Seaport neighborhood presents all of this and more. The Seaport’s bustling restaurants and entertainment options coincide with Dorne’s distinguished bazaars and beaches. Seaport residents can stroll along the Harborwalk and Seaport Common, redolent of Dorne’s beautiful Water Gardens.

This might be the final season of GOT, but the watch for hot real estate in Boston never ends. We hope that with some help from GOT, you can discover your dream neighborhood in Boston.