I’ve always found the news around parking in Boston somewhat entertaining – I have lived in Boston for nearly a decade and have no intention of leaving. One of the main reasons I love Boston so much is because it’s a walking city. I love walking everywhere. I live near North Station – a 15-20 minute walk to work in the Financial District, and about a 30-40 minute walk to Back Bay and Fort Point on any other given day. As I walk through the city, there are perks: I am a master at on-foot directions and discover new places I want to try along the way.


A recent Boston Business Journal article “Considering driving to Boston today to escape the MBTA? You may want to give up now” reminded me of all the news I’ve read since entering the real estate industry ragging on Boston’s parking situation. Yes, it can be very difficult to find parking, and for those commuters out there, I understand your frustration.  (I admit I don’t have a car in the city so I may be a little biased.)


However, let’s remind ourselves that Boston is known as one of the top walking cities and one of the main reasons why many people are so attracted to it.  One of our most popular nicknames is “America’s Walking City” according to Wikipedia. Forbes ranks us third on the list of “America's Top 20 Healthiest Cities” – one of the reasons being the amount of people that walk to work. (Walking happens to be one of the best things for you; check out this Daily Mail article for proof.)

As new apartments, office buildings and residences come online, efforts should continue to be placed on other important things such as amenities – gyms, retail, restaurants etc. – things that add to Boston’s evolution into a 24/7 city. We should embrace our reputation as the best walking city in the nation. It’s what makes us unique. Also, who wants to sit in a car to then sit in an office chair all day – not me!