Photo via The Boston Globe: A street-level view of a proposed 52-story residential tower at Copley Place.

The BRA has been on a roll. In the past few months, billions of dollars in new development have been approved. As a Boston resident, here are a few that I look forward to seeing make progress.  

Redevelopment of the Government Center Garage

I can’t even imagine how different this block is going to look once this project is complete. Living only a short distance away, it will be nice to have other apartment options nearby as well as more retail space…not to mention more aesthetically pleasing buildings. Once completed, it is going to draw residents and shoppers to a part of Boston that is traditionally pretty empty except for sports enthusiasts and commuters heading to the TD Garden.

Ink Block

Complete game changer for this part of the city. Before Ink Block, this area of the South End was pretty empty. The new residences, retail and restaurants are going to draw even more people to the South End. Other developers are following in National Development’s footsteps and doing other projects in the neighborhood. This is definitely a project to watch.

Lovejoy Wharf

Related Beal’s project between the Garden and North End is going to dramatically change the look of the area. Prior to construction getting underway, the building and wharf were deteriorating and not adding any value to the area. The project is going to create new public space along the water and be a bridge between two parts of the city. Converse headquarters and luxury apartments will also bring more life to the neighborhood.

Copley Place Tower and expansion

This tower is going to alter Boston’s skyline, as it will be (at 52 stories) among the tallest residential buildings in the city. The new Copley Place skyscraper will bring more residents to the Back Bay with about 433 rental apartments and 109 condominiums. Simon Property Group also has plans to enhance the Southwest Corridor Park, making Copley more of an urban destination. Check out some of the renderings.

Filene’s site redevelopment

I’ve always liked Downtown Crossing and am glad to see the improvements over the years that have added more quality shopping and restaurants. The big hole in the ground at the old Filene’s site will finally be filled in and will continue to draw more people to the Washington Street Corridor. Working in downtown Boston, I’ve seen how quickly the neighborhood can become a ghost town around 6 or 7pm.

Fenway Center

This is another project that is going to completely change the look of another city neighborhood. There will be new, modern residences and offices in the Fenway area. The project also aims to be environmentally friendly and will also include green spaces.  

The Seaport

All the development in the Seaport has been a hot topic for a while now. It’s rare that a city gets to essentially create a neighborhood from the ground up. With all the empty parcels and parking lots that are there now, it is going to look very different in a couple years. I’m looking forward to seeing what all the new projects will have to offer in terms of restaurants and night life.