The Golden Globes were last Sunday, and aside from shows I was not rooting for winning awards, another theme emerged from the night, this time on Twitter: #AskHerMore.

Spearheaded by the Representation Project with an assist from host Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls, the hashtag was intended to get red carpet hosts to ask women about more than just what they’re wearing to the event. Twitter responded, mostly with enthusiasm, tweeting at hosts with more in-depth questions and expressing outrage that women are asked to stick their hands in the “mani-cam” and talk about their jewelry and men are asked about their roles and acting process.

But, like any good Twitter trend, there was backlash as well. 

Ultimately, the hashtag didn’t influence the red carpet discussion. No doubt, women should be asked about more than just who they’re wearing, but in some cases, mentioning on air who designed their clothing is a contractual obligation (same goes for all those borrowed jewels). And, like we always tell our clients, you can’t control the questions, but you can control your answers. Why not start a campaign to encourage leading ladies to highlight their work in their answers to the typical red carpet questions? #AskHerMore was a great step to drive awareness; let’s hope organizers can drive substantive change as awards season continues.