Ashley McCown, SM& president and crisis communications expert, rates her top PR crises at the halfway point of the year. Key takeaways from Ashley’s video include:

  • Social media plays a central role in this year’s scandals, either amplifying brands’ missteps or giving rise to the crisis itself.
  • Despite all the bad press in 2017, the airlines remain a tinderbox for crises, and they still face challenges when it comes to customer service.
  • Leaders of organizations under fire must accept responsibility for what occurs on their watch before promising transparency and accountability to ensure it never happens again. Passing the buck has never been—and will never be—a good strategy.
  • The longer an organization waits to respond to a crisis, the harder it is for the public to believe that organization is taking the issue seriously.

Watch the video above to see who receives high marks for swift and effective management and who were casualties of a lackluster response. Ashley’s video was featured by the PR trade PR News. Click here to read the full article.