Being the president of a college or university has never been an easy job—and perhaps has never been more difficult than it is today. Increasingly, leaders in higher education are dealing with sensitive issues, ranging from transgender rights to union organizing efforts, that can often lead to legal or communication crises.

It’s often believed that when the public relations and legal teams come to the table to manage an issue, they will be at odds. But in the most recent edition of O’Dwyer’s, Solomon McCown President and crisis communications expert Ashley McCown argues that perception is now outdated.

“Having worked side by side with dozens of attorneys over the years, I can say more often than not, we find common ground,” McCown writes.

What are McCown’s tips for PR and legal teams as they work together to protect higher ed institutions in the court of public opinion and court of law? Check them out in the January 2017 issue of O’Dwyer’s.