April Fool’s Day can turn even the least-gullible person into, well, a fool. After my fellow SM&ers successfully pranked me, I decided to explore how other organizations handled April Fool’s Day this year. I was not disappointed. Below, I’ve outlined a few of my favorites – just ridiculous enough to question, but creative enough to be curious.

Petco: Dog on a stick

On Wednesday, Petco unveiled the next big thing for picture taking: the selfie stick for dogs and cats. Activated by a “bark” or a “meow,” “Dog on a stick” is taking funny animal pictures to a whole new level. Watch the hilarious video advertisement here: http://bit.ly/1G57WHe

Samsung: Galaxy BLADE

Samsung took April Fool’s Day 2015 as an opportunity to renew its focus, making it no longer just a powerful communication device, but also “incredibly utilitarian.” With its “razor-sharp diamond edge, tough enough to cut through a lobster tail and sharp enough to slice through tender heirloom tomatoes,” the Galaxy Blade could be this year’s newest must-have kitchen accessory. Samsung advertised the device as water and fire proof, complete with a wireless meat thermometer and baking tool. 

BMW – Motor Mouth

“All the protection you’ve come to expect, bite-sized.” BMW announced a new series of mouth guards, geared (no pun intended) towards rugby players. This mouth guard is marketed to offer “the same impact protection as our drivers,” and is made up entirely of the same rubber used in the door deals of all BMW models.

Miz Mooz – Selfie Shoes

The pranks of 2015 just couldn’t get enough of the “selfie.” Popular shoe brand Miz Mooz aimed to combine the importance of looking great, and never having to miss a memory. Conveniently located in the tip of a shoe, Miz Mooz’s newest line asks that you simply insert your phone, raise it to the appropriate angle, and click the button with a tap of the shoe, Dorothy style.

I couldn’t help but notice that, although far-fetched, all of these announcements had a similar effect: to get consumers buzzing about the brand. Although they don’t exist, these products allowed corporations across sectorsto remind their clientele of their light-hearted personalities. It served as a subtle reminder that brand awareness and reputation go hand-in-hand with driving sales.