I first heard about Spotify through the UK television program “The Inbetweeners” in 2010 (a year before its launch in the United States). Last year, thanks to Spotify’s year in review feature, I learned that I spent 76 and a half days listening to music through the subscription service (often while doing other things, I’d like to add). I think it is pretty clear that I’m a devoted user.

Other music subscription services, like Jay Z’s Tidal and Rdio, have long existed, many with different features than Spotify. None have resonated, though, and despite the loss of Taylor Swift’s catalogue (among others), Spotify remains the standard for music catalog subscription service with 60 million listeners.

But now there’s competition – real competition – in the form of Apple Music. Apple requires no introduction to musicians. Few companies have had the kind of impact on the music industry Apple has had since the launch of iPod and iTunes 14 years ago. Now the tech giant is ready to knock Spotify off its perch. But can Apple convince Spotify’s customers to join them?

Here’s what Apple can do to differentiate itself from Spotify and convince loyal subscribers like myself to switch over.

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