Dear Twitter,

Tweet: #Twitter, your rumored changes would change the very essence of the network we love. Please stop.

Recently, you’ve said you want to get rid of hashtags and @-replies because it may be keeping the less tech-savvy off your network. We feel this is a weak argument since the fastest-growing segment of new users is 55-64 years of age. If Jimmy Fallon can do a sketch about hashtags on a late-night network TV show, it’s clear the ways of using your network have permeated pop culture deeply enough that the Boomers are hip to the lingo.

Tweet: Getting rid of #hashtags and replies ruins what’s great about @Twitter. Please don’t do it!

Tweet: It’s now rumored that @Twitter wants to ditch the term #retweet. No, Twitter, don’t!

Business Insider reports that you’re citing the same fear that potential users won’t understand what RT means. But what about those of us who are longtime users of your network? We almost all been somewhat confused and even skeptical when sending our first Tweets into the Twitterverse, but that’s part of the learning curve for any new social platform.

You’ve done well monetizing your network. Yes, you need new users because you’re not growing as quickly as some of your competitors.

Tweet: Alienating active @Twitter users by changing the fabric of the network won’t help Twitter grow in the long-term.

Please keep our beloved RT. Let us continue tagging brands and individuals we respect. Let us #hashtag so we may contribute at events and during important breaking news. Experiment with other ways to separate signal from noise, perhaps by making Twitter lists easier or more prominent on users’ timeline.

You’re changing, @Twitter. It’s straining our amazing relationship with you. Please RT if you want to keep asking to RT.

With love,

The SM& Digital Team

PS. 4 photos and #tagging on @Twitter? That’s a change we like, @Twitter. But the rest of your changes scare us.