On Sunday night I received a text message from my mother suggesting I tune into “60 Minutes” to watch a segment on online shopping. By the next morning, video of  Amazon.com’s drone delivery reveal was everywhere.

It was on the front page of Google News, the subject of parody accounts and jokes on Twitter. I was even asked if it was all just a hoax.

While this sort of idea may seem a little farfetched (and perhaps frightening given the NSA’s current standing), the timing was perfect. Like others, I can’t imagine it was simply a coincidence that CEO Jeff Bezos opted to drop this morsel on the Sunday after Thanksgiving – or, to put it in perspective, Cyber Monday-eve.

Preliminary reports indicated that sales on Cyber Monday 2013 exceeded those of 2012. Now the effect of the “60 Minutes” segment is pure speculation, but it’s not outlandish to deduct that it was a positive one.

The drone reveal put Amazon at the center of conversation on one of (if not the) biggest days of the year for online shopping. It didn’t matter if people are eagerly waiting for, skeptical of or mocking this development–they’re interested.

That interest undoubtedly resulted in additional traffic from those seeking more information about the drones. You won’t find any on Amazon’s site, but what you will find are deals – lots of deals.

And as you scroll down the page, maybe something catches your eye. It’s not something you need, but you’ve wanted one for a while and at that price? Before you know it, you’re all over the site looking for what other bargains can be had. Suddenly, it all makes sense.

Kudos to you, Amazon. Like any savvy public relations professional, you utilized a media opportunity with great effectiveness to control the conversation and bolster an upcoming event.