The tables have turned yet again in regards to Facebook’s Newsfeed algorithm. Until now, posting photos was the best way for companies to reach fans. Those days are over. Video posts are now where it’s at. This change should not come as a shock, as Facebook’s algorithm never stays the same for long. This doesn’t mean organizations should stop posting photos. If you have a great photo that you know will get a reaction from your audience, go for it. People are visual and like engaging photos as well as videos. A mix of content is ideal in any social media strategy.

But when you think of a video sharing site, do you honestly think of Facebook? Probably not. Personally, I think of YouTube. Is Facebook attempting to outshine the world’s second-largest search engine? The major benefit that Facebook has over YouTube is that videos automatically play in the newsfeed. On Facebook, a video has to play for only three seconds to be considered a view. On the other hand, YouTube’s way of counting views is a little more complicated.  The videos have to be watched longer and they also take into account the user’s session time. Even with that advantage, YouTube hasn’t seen a major decrease in the number of users. YouTube users find videos by searching for a topic. On Facebook, users see videos because they appear on the newsfeed. Given the different way in which each network functions, I think it will be some time for YouTube to experience any significant losses because of Facebook.

Do you think Facebook has any chance of ever overtaking YouTube? Let us know in the comments!