At this time of year, there are a million posts detailing what gifts the social media devotees in your life want to see under the tree. And while we love this Fail Whale necklace, there are some practical gifts that would make our lives so much easier in 2014. We’ve been good this year, so we’re dreaming big.

LinkedIn Company Pages Integrated with Social Media Tools

Want to add your client’s LinkedIn page to your Sprout dashboard? Too bad—LinkedIn’s API only allows for personal pages to be connected to most management tools. (Hootsuite does allow for LinkedIn company pages to be added, but platforms like Sprout are still waiting to catch up.) With LinkedIn driving tons of traffic and leads for B2B clients, the ability to schedule and integrate LinkedIn pages into our existing social tools would definitely brighten our 2014. 

Scheduling and Multiple Logins for Instagram

Instagram is growing as a tool for social media professionals. Simply Measured found that Instagram ads drove a whopping 2,885% more engagement than Google+’s  new ad platform. But a social media manager has to log in and out between accounts and have everything on their phone to post. If we could schedule pictures from our social tools, we’d be happier than this kid opening a Nintendo 64.

An Identity for Facebook

Is Facebook a news source, or the social network where you share memes and pictures of your kids? As All Things D points out, what the social giant wants to be and how its users take advantage of the network may be at odds. Will 2014 mean more shifts in Facebook’s algorithm to find the sweet spot that keeps users from defecting to other networks? If Facebook can figure out what it wants to be, we can better advise our clients on how they can take advantage of the network.

A Little Respect for Google+

We’ve heard it before. No one uses Google+. But everyone who has a Gmail account also has Google+. The network has a simple design, easy to understand privacy controls, allows for hangouts and easily organized groups, and is an SEO powerhouse. If LinkedIn and Facebook had a baby, it would be Google+. Try it in 2014. You might like it.

What’s on your social media wish-list for 2014? Let us know in the comments, or on Twitter at @solomonmccown.