Some may consider Earth Day a relatively small holiday, but from a PR perspective, the opportunities are big. 

Every year leading up to April 22, companies get involved with promoting Earth Day, showing key stakeholders that they care about the environment and the future of our planet.  Joining in the festivities is also a great way to bring some personality to your brand and some fun into your office.

Here’s what a few companies are doing so far this year:

  • NASA launched the #GlobalSelfie campaign, which encourages people around the world to step outside on Earth Day and snap a “selfie,” then share it on social media. This brings humor and levity to an otherwise serious and scientific brand.
  • Whole Foods market participates in Earth Day-related activities each year by hosting farmer’s markets, film festivals, galas and more.  The company’s involvement and sponsorship of these activities reminds its consumers that it truly cares about and is dedicated to global sustainability.
  • Great Lakes Brewing Company, a brewer of award-winning, all natural beer, announced they will be sponsoring a month-long Earth Day tour, which is a cleanup event and after-party for volunteers.

It’s not too late to get involved.  Here’s what you can do:

  • Get on social media – Join in the conversation by using relevant hashtags… #EarthDay2014 and #EarthDay are the most popular.  If you’re engaging in the conversation, you’ll likely earn some quality new followers as well.
  • Take action – Gather a group of employees to volunteer by planting trees or gardening or simply make a group effort to turn off unused lights and unplug unused electronics for a week.  Share your photos on social and your company website!   
  • Most important, be genuine – Sure, getting involved with Earth Day activities can brighten your brand, but it means nothing if you and your company are not truly interested in having a positive environmental impact.

Don’t forget: it’s never too late to start getting more involved with sustainability efforts every day of the year…. Your PR involvement surrounding Earth Day is just the beginning.