(pictured top left: Jon Pappas)

I recently had the opportunity and privilege to participate in Mo’vember, the annual charity event where men grow moustaches for 30 days to raise money, increase awareness and literally “change the face” of men's health.  I have been sporting a beard for a while now, but I’ve never been motivated to grow just a mustache (or mo’). Nonetheless, it was for an important cause.  I joined a Mo’vember team captained by my industry colleague and friend Aaron Twersky who is on the NAIOP NYC communications committee with me. 

After 30 days of growing mustaches, our 10-person team was able to raise nearly $20,000. I am both humbled and proud of this achievement as well as extremely grateful for my family and friends who provided donations.  The funds should immediately help those affected by cancer, as well as help find a cure ASAP.