It was a month ago this week that I started the first day of my first job after graduating from college. I remember reading the Solomon McCown blog and thinking, “What am I going to write about?” The truth is, here I am, sitting down to write my post, and I feel as though I could write endlessly about all the things I have learned so far. I wanted to take the time to share just a few of the PR industry-related tidbits I have picked up in my first month.

PR is a fast-paced, demanding industry.

It’s what everyone repeatedly told me while I was at school. Here I am, on the other side, reporting: It’s absolutely true. A job in the public relations industry is a whirlwind of tasks, coming in all different directions, for a number of different clients. It is necessary to stay alert, ready and confident in your ability to deliver at all times. This is one of the aspects I love most about my job: A definite need-for-speed, work hard, play hard mentality.

PR is a collaborative industry, which means teamwork is the heart of success.

PR truly is a team effort. Much like a sports team at school, the better we are able to work together the better we become. Despite what you may have heard about a “cutthroat” industry, it has proven to be quite the opposite. A project consists of a variety of people working toward the same overall goal at the same time. While one person handles content, another studies the influence it will have within the industry and a third works with the client to nail the right messaging or pitch it to an audience. In PR, collaboration is necessary every step of the way to ensure a well-thought out, cohesive and successful strategic communications plan.

PR requires smart, decisive professionals to handle real-life issues.

It is our job to provide clients with our expertise, insights and recommendations. The client wants to know what is best for their brand or organization. I don’t think the entirety of this fact sunk in with me while at school. Our jobs are extremely important and incredibly rewarding. It is up to us to say what we think and to prove that our work delivers results.

PR makes a difference.

I’ve heard critical opinions of the PR industry and its professionals throughout my studies. However, now that I am working in the industry, I can officially report: It is everything I hoped it would be and more. The work we do for our clients truly makes a real-time difference in the world around us, and I get to see it firsthand every day.