The events that have transpired here in the City of Boston and across the country this weekend are a result of centuries of inaction, of hopeful words and feeble response. To everyone who marched yesterday and to the Black and Brown communities: I see you. I am committed to listening to you. I stand with you.

I recognize my privilege, and the reality that my lived experience is different from that of our Black and Brown colleagues and friends. I also understand and acknowledge the whiteness of our industry, particularly in Boston, and the responsibility we have as a firm and industry to change this reality. At our firm, we are committed to providing job and internship opportunities to youth in the City, particularly Black and Brown youth, and will work on furthering our outreach. I know that we have really important work to do and we will be analyzing, expanding and changing the ways our company lives diversity and inclusion.

These words are meaningless if they are not followed by authentic action. Our incredible team is committed to these values and holding ourselves accountable as we plan for the future.

Dan Cence
CEO & Managing Parter
Solomon McCown & Cence