​On the Solomon McCown & Company Facebook page, we've started a feature called 5 for Friday. Every week, one member of our staff presents a list of anything that strikes his or her fancy — a fun way to start off the weekend. In this week’s 5 for Friday, SM& Account Coordinator Sean Hathaway shares how he likes to get his trivia on: 1. Surf Wikipedia I love Wikipedia. In fact, it’s my homepage. Wikipedia’s a double-edged sword in that it’s full of information but is addicting to the point where it can become a distraction. I spend a considerable amount of free time hopping from page to page which offers me both a means of entertainment and a place to acquire knowledge. Wikipedia’s main page includes lots of different articles for you to pick at, but I enjoy just searching for something I’m unfamiliar with and seeing how far down the rabbit hole I go. Honestly, this is not only the best site on the Internet to learn new things, but also the best site on the Internet, period. 2. Read the news Today’s news is tomorrow’s trivia question. But today’s news also features plenty of information on the past as writers apply historic context to contemporary events. You don’t need a newspaper to do this either. Thanks to aggregators like Google News and social media, especially Twitter, big news stories have never been more accessible. You should already be reading the news to be an informed citizen, but you should already stay up to date because most trivia events contain something about recent news. Strategy, people. 3. Watch Jeopardy! Still the pinnacle of game show trivia and unquestionably the best game show ever, Jeopardy! is a great way to play competitive trivia without having to leave your couch, which is a definite bonus. The questions are difficult at times, but a successful night of Jeopardy-play-along is quite rewarding. It’s now appointment viewing and an opportunity for my roommates to do something together. I’d also like to add that Kids Jeopardy! and Teen Jeopardy! make great self-esteem boosts if you’re feeling a little blue. 4. Play Sporcle If you’re not familiar with Sporcle, you are missing out but I’m happy I can share this joy with you. For those who don’t know, Sporcle is a site featuring trivia quizzes on everything you can imagine. Everything. There are also multiple quiz formats to change it up and keep things fresh. This is a great site to test your knowledge on any topic you want. 5. Bar Trivia This is the best way to do trivia, if you ask me. Maybe it’s the social element or maybe it’s the competition factor. Bar trivia can be kind of a gamble, though, because I’ve been at places where the trivia was practically impossible and places where trivia was a complete joke. Bars also have a habit of dragging out the time between questions to keep you there and spending money, which is understandable, but annoying. The trick is to find a bar that fits your pace and your knowledge. I’m a big fan of the company Geeks Who Drink that runs pub quizzes all over Boston on different nights of the week. They take it seriously, though. So serious, in fact, that they don’t call their competitions “trivia night” and will correct you if you make that mistake. It’s good fun and great questions, though.