On the Solomon McCown & Company Facebook page, we've started a feature called 5 for Friday. Every week, one member of our staff presents a list of anything that strikes his or her fancy—a fun way to start off the weekend. In this week's 5 for Friday, SM& Intern Katherine O'Brien shares her five favorite Boston-based blogs and websites. 1. Boston On Budget: As a young college student in Boston, this blog has been a lifesaver. Not only does Kate, the site’s fabulous author and moderator, provide tips and hints about daily deals, she also includes regular event posts informing her readership about fun, cheap events in Boston. Be sure to check out her “wicked cheap resources,” which lists consistently inexpensive options for everything from dining to travel options. I’m pretty sure the whole office heard me talk about the blog’s master list of all the free outdoor fitness classes in Boston this past summer! 2. BostInno’s “What to do this Week: Alright, this one is kind of cheating since technically this section encompasses three separate features. But I love BostInno’s “What to do this Week” category. In addition to weekly events, the site also releases weekend-specific event lists and weekly lists of shows to see. Thanks to this site, I saw one of my favorite Danish musicians, Indians, play at Great Scott for just $12! 3. NTM 93: This anonymous tumblr blogger and photographer primarily posts shots of Boston with a few travel photographs when he goes abroad. One of the reasons I love this blog is because it shows a side of Boston most people don’t typically see. Anyone can go on Instagram and snap a sunny shot of blue sky over the Charles. But NTM shoots primarily downtown financial district and abandoned areas near Boston. His use of negative space and perspective is incredible and creates fascinating compositions out of the simplest subjects. 4. Allie Wears: Allie Wears is easily my favorite fashion blogger in Boston (also check out Dressed Up Alligators, The Other Side of Gray, and Always Maylee). Her style is quintessentially New England, with the classic preppiness that defines the region, but she also adds her own edgy, trendier elements. She also does a fantastic job of blending high-end pieces with affordable, mass-produced items (Forever 21, Gap, and Asos are favorites), making her style easy to emulate. And did I mention it’s perfect for the office? 5.Portraits of Boston: Inspired by the success of websites like Humans of New York (affectionately referred to as HONY by its readers), one Boston photographer began photographing interesting looking strangers on the streets of Boston and conducting micro-interviews with them. The one or two question conversations give insight into the people’s lives and sometimes there are surprisingly thoughtful responses. I love the diversity it shows in Boston and of course, the virtual people-watching aspect is always fun!