‚ÄčOn the Solomon McCown & Company Facebook page, we've started a feature called 5 for Friday. Every week, one member of our staff presents a list of anything that strikes his or her fancy — a fun way to start off the weekend. This week, Intern Caitlin Culver shares her Top 5 hiking spots in New England: 1.) The Basin: Simply one of the most beautiful and relaxing hikes around! It's family- and pet-friendly, making it a must each and every summer. 2.) Mount Monadnock: Getting to top can be a tad challenging, but once you're there, the view is absolutely breathtaking. 3.) Mount Lafayette: Apart from The Basin, Mount Lafayette was the first hike I went on as a child. What was the best part? Camping in the hut at the top and waking up before the sun to watch it rise. 4.) Indian's Head (Mount Pemigewasset): Another easy and family friendly trail! Tip: after the hike, stop by Coneheads Ice Cream in North Woodstock for the most delicious frozen treats. 5.) Mount Washington: Almost no explanation necessary. Definitely the longest and hardest hike in New England but completely worth it at the top, as long as it's a clear day. Not to mention those awesome “This body climbed Mt. Washington” T-shirts – who wouldn't want one?