​On the Solomon McCown & Company Facebook page, we've started a feature called 5 for Friday. Every week, one member of our staff presents a list of anything that strikes his or her fancy — a fun way to start off the weekend. In this week’s 5 for Friday, SM& President Ashley McCown shares her 5 favorite things about Maine–her happy place.

  1. Penobscot Bay: I never tire of watching the water, weather and islands of the Bay. It is a constantly changing palette. Blue water as smooth as glass turns gray and choppy in just minutes. You can tell time by the ferry to Isleboro. Pink clouds and the sunset reflecting off the islands is my favorite sight. Absolutely mesmerizing.
  2. Signs: Mainers have a special talent for making roadside signs. They usually aren't meant to be funny, but they are nonetheless. Right now there are folks selling blueberries out of their cars and on card tables perched on the side of the road. My favorite sign from years ago was “Blub erries” (they ran out of room on the first line and this is how they broke up the word). The message board in front of a nearby church had this gem: “Moses was a basket case.” For anyone who needs some trees cut, there is a “Chainsaw for hire” sign, painted on a chunk of wood and nailed to a telephone pole. Does the chainsaw come with someone to operate it? And can someone explain “Clean fill wanted” signs in people's front yards? Are you hoping someone with clean fill in their truck will just happen by?
  3. The view of Camden Harbor and beyond from the top of the Camden Hills: It takes your breath away. You really earn it by hiking up to the top.
  4. Chase's Daily: Chase's is a great restaurant in Belfast. The family that owns it also owns a farm. In the summer, they roll in with fresh produce from the farm and set it all up in the back in old wash tubs and bins. It is all gorgeous and freshly picked. People pour in at 10:30 and space is tight. You stand in line forever to pay but no one cares because everything is so delicious and part of the experience is hanging in line chatting with fellow devotees.
  5. Guinness and Oreo in Maine: I think they love being in Maine as much as I do. Maybe more.