The days of heavily produced television and print advertising has given way to a world in which brands are expected to produce a high volume of visual marketing content in a very short period of time on digital platforms. This change has left many brands scrambling as they try to keep up with competitors who are more digitally savvy. While this can seem daunting, it is actually a blessing for marketers who want to make a big impact with relatively few resources. Brands can potentially reach millions of people with nothing more than smartphone and some creativity, especially on Instagram. The following apps allow users to easily and quickly generate buzzworthy visual content on the go.


VSCO Cam is one of my favorite photo editing apps for both personal and professional use. While it does not allow users to add text to images, it does have an incredibly wide array of natural-looking filters that can make a simple iPhone photo appear as though it was taken on a much more expensive camera.


If you are looking for an app that does allow you to add text and other design elements, Over is the prefect app to spice up your images. The platform was designed with companies in mind, and their goal is to help brands tell their story in a way that is meaningful, exciting, and most of all, easy.


If user-generated content is a large part of your marketing strategy, Repost is an essential tool. This app makes sharing other people’s Instagram photos a cinch: once you find a photo you would like to use, simply click on the photo and press “repost.” This will take the photo and post it to your page, while crediting the original user.


Layout is an excellent tool for making collages, and since it was created by Instagram, the two apps work together seamlessly. Layout allows you to combine up to 9 photos into one image, with their pre-designed layouts. Additional features include mirroring, flipping, resizing, and the ability to rearrange photos within a collage.


Think you don’t have a creative bone in your body? Studio can be a powerhouse for inspiration. The platform lets you browse and edit designs from other users, in addition to providing thousands of shapes, crops, fonts, and filters, for an original design. This app is a good choice for brands who wish to use a consistent design element in all images.

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