On the first day of the first work week of the New Year, thoughts turn to, “What can I do better this year?”, and “What can I try harder at?” or, “What can I fix?”

Some New Year's resolutions are easy (to make if not to keep) – work out more (made easier by the new Republic Fitness opening at International Place), eat less, sleep more and drink less. Others are harder and usually involve some heightened self-awareness and willingness to admit where maybe you didn't fare so well in 2014.

With that in mind, I'm sharing some “communications resolutions” that can apply to organizations and leaders, whether public or private, big or small.

Stop Talking – Listening is the most underrated talent. And not only remaining silent, but actually hearing what others are saying. Strong, effective leaders can benefit from listening to and hearing from colleagues, staff, even interns.

Be Collaborative Always thinking your way is the only way often leads to disappointment and frustration. Other people can do things well, even if it’s differently than you might have. Allow their ideas into the mix…and the result is often better than you would have achieved on your own.

Think Before You Act I am a classic blurter, often speaking out when I might have benefitted from waiting. I just can't stand an empty silence. However, there are those occasions when I've held in a premature pronouncement or let my unspoken question be answered in the course of a conversation. Then when I do speak, it is typically with more information and a better formed opinion.

What communication resolutions have you made for 2015? Let us know in the comments.